About Us

During the financial crisis has led many banks to realize that they need a prudent, long-term balanced view of their businesses. As the global economy begins its recovery, banking leaders are refocusing on their core business principles, they have recognized that their sustainability is provided by their customers, that their business operations rely on the expertise of their staffs, however much this is leveraged with technology, and that their capital represents their ability to survive into the future. Infosys is focused in providing solution in the Financial Service Industry.

We deliver integrated financial services application on open platform to the leading financial institutions. Our commitment is to ensure our customers to obtain the highest levels of customer satisfactions with lowest TCO on long run in their business.

To answer the customer challenging. Infosys also work together with 1st tier global IT company to delivers broad range of IT Infrastructure and it is related solutions with high performance and competitive advantage.


To be the leading IT Company in the region in providing best solutions.


To help our clients leverage today and tomorrow IT to achieve business objective and to retain customer satisfaction.

Core Value

Customers and our internal resources are the most valuable assets of the company. We always strive to meet and even exceed the needs of customers in services and qualities and retain a balance lifestyle that promotes productivity at work and personal life.