LOS & Collection System



Our products are highly configurable, giving the user administrator full control over the behaviour of the system by the setting of parameters and system configuration. This allows banks the agility and flexibility to react to market and regulatory changes rapidly.
It’s a proven web-based, automated credit and rule based loan origination system that allows banks to streamline and manage the credit origination process.
Our LOS Solution manages the entire credit processing workflow from sales, credit checks, approval, documentation, disbursements, account review, rescheduling or restructuring through redemption and settlement.
Our solution manages the operational risks embedded in credit management. It is the backbone that holds together the components of enterprise credit management, facilitates cost-effective and efficient credit processing, whilst increasing management’s information and control on credit and operational risks.
The solution  has proven to provide higher levels of customer service, greater customer satisfaction, as well as improved productivity and cost effectiveness for our existing.


Collection System

Our  Collection System manages the loan collection and recovery activities from the time of first missed payment, including statutory reminders, promise to pay, legal proceedings and enforcement, through the write off or restoration to performing status.
The solution is designed to encapsulate the intricacies of collection. Using a combination of tools, financial institutions can deploy a variety of approach and strategy making collection itself, an art. We have designed our Collection Module for efficiency which translates to Speed and Priority of working on an account.
It comes with a built-in intelligent workflow and decisioning engine to support the allocation of tasks and priority of accounts to be worked on. Using these tools, financial institutions can devise strategic collection approach based on their collection strategy.


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