Mobile Application

The strategic reasons for additive mobile banking are extremely compelling. With the increasing requirement for convenience from consumers in developed economies and the essential need to provide access to financial services to consumers with limited access to other electronic channels, mobile banking provides the solution.
By offering Mobile Banking as an additional electronic channel, Banks have a significant opportunity to reduce cost by maximizing existing infrastructure and reducing further investment in expensive infrastructures such as branches and ATM networks, whilst also opening up other potential revenue streams. Mobile banking provides excellent opportunities to existing programs, such as branchless banking and self service banking, in the financial services industry.
In addition to this banks and other financial organizations can use this powerful mechanism for improving the customerĀ“s banking experience whilst forging a closer relationship. As Consumers begin to rely on the mobile more for a variety of services it becomes essential that they have access to financial services at any time in any place. Increasingly the mobile phone is becoming a lifestyle driver in developed economies and this is likely to prove true for mobile financial services.
Our Mobile Banking product delivers mobile transacting capability to existing traditional bank accounts.
As an additional electronic channel to an already existing bank account, mobile banking enables the consumer to make payments such as bill payments and transactions including money transfers, banking enquiries (balances, detailed and mini statements) as well as the ability to both fund and withdraw funds from the account.
In addition to the core mobile banking functionality, the Mobile Banking solution enables banks the opportunity to offer functionality to customers that is integrated into a broader financial ecosystem.


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