Multi-Channel Solution

Promotes the idea of knowing enough about your customers and the way they interact with all of your channels in order to optimize every interaction you have with them, no matter which channel or service they are using.
By addressing the nature of interactions and customer preferences, a successful multi-channel strategy allows the Financial Service Provider to optimize the channels by which it sells and services the customer.
Successful channel consistency is achieved by linking delivery channels with a common technical infrastructure and allows for sales and marketing opportunities, as well as enabling service requests initiated in one channel and completed in another channel. This linkage is powerful for two reasons: first, it is the foundation of a compelling customer experience that drives consistent information throughout the organization; and second, it allows customers to purchase products and services from the institution in a way that suits their preferred way of doing things. Customers are not coerced or entrapped into using any particular delivery channel.
When financial services companies are focused on optimizing their channels, a new world of real business benefits emerges:

  • Increase revenue-generating opportunities: With extensive transaction and customer knowledge, you can use CRM tools to more effectively match your customer’s needs with your services. As a result, you can increase the number of products per household and generate more fee income.
  • Lower infrastructure and marketing costs: Operating from a common customer database and single platform, you can dramatically lower your infrastructure costs. In addition, you can deliver more targeted marketing campaigns with a higher close rate.
  • Enhance customer relationships: With one view of your customers, you are able to deliver more personalized, compelling services that meet their specific needs.


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