Bank 2.0

Brett King’s new book, BANK 2.0 – How customer behaviour and technology will change the future of financial services (Marshall Cavendish; publication date: March 29, 2010), exposes the massive flaws in the retail banking system due to dramatic shifts that have taken place in customer behaviour and the complete failure of banks to recognize and respond to those shifts. The key message is that the banking system is broken, not because of regulation, but because banks just don’t understand or care about their customers anymore.


In today’s Web 2.0 world most customers are developing radically different behavior patterns using mobile devices and social networking sites. Not only do these customers expect an extremely personalized experience, but they want the highest level of functionality and control online.

As customers develop radically different behavior patterns spurred on by ever-evolving mobile devices and the new social media tools, they are looking for ways to interact with firms using a growing number of digital touch points. Unfortunately, banks have not been able to adapt fast enough to this new kind of digital experience, which has led customers to abandon their efforts to connect.


Our Bank 2.0 solution is a modern, user experience platform that helps you to compose truly customer-centric dialogs, and enables you to combine content, data and functionality from different underlying systems within a new, fresh, customer-centric presentation.


Most e-business executives want to bring a compelling digital experience to their customers, but they are being held back by the challenge of legacy systems. These systems cannot keep up with the Web 2.0 World, or the rapid changes caused by the mobile revolution. Our Bank 2.0 platform acknowledges these challenges and is helping financial firms worldwide to make the most of their current systems, while at the same time, ushering in the new era of ‘Engagement Banking’—where customers and financials unite.


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